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NewPort Grey Residential

NewPort Grey Residential

5.0 mm (4.0mm +1.0 IXPE pad)
12 mil wearlayer
Ceramic Bead UV coating
Semi-EIR Embossing
Phthalate Free
23.50 sf/carton

25 Year Residential Warranty 
10 Year Lite Commercial Warranty

  • Vinyl Care

    Cleaning & Caring For Vinyl Planks

    Keep your Vinyl floors looking their best with these cleaning tips:

    • To keep your vinyl planks looking new, use a broom, vacuum or microfiber sweeper for a quick clean up. For deeper cleans, a damp mop and mild cleaner get the job done. As a bonus, there’s no waxing required! Plus, vinyl plank flooring has a protective wear layer on it that allows it to maintain its luster for years to come.

    • Use floor protectors or felt covers on chair legs, sofas, TV stands, tables and other easily moveable furniture so you don't scratch the floors.

    • Replace plastic casters on chairs with rubber wheels.

    • Lift, don't slide, heavy objects across floors.

    • Use protective mats; It is important to use a good quality entry mat to trap dirt, sand and other substances such as oil that would otherwise be tracked onto your floor. These mats will also help protect your flooring from premature wear. Mats are also suggested at heavy pivot locations, such as in front of your kitchen sink or stove. If mats are placed directly on top of the resilient floors, use mats without latex or rubber backings to avoid possible discoloration.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Never use aggressive cleaning agents, soap or abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing oil or waxes.

    Quick Tips:

    • Vinyl Flooring is a great choice, which can adapt to your needs. You may choose from different installation methods to ensure a great finish. Floating vinyl flooring for example doesn’t require any adhesive; instead, the tiles either sit above the sub-floor, which is typically either wood or concrete, or the vinyl flooring is installed directly over a protective cushion or vapor barrier system. Using the floating method, individual tiles interlock to form a single surface that rests on the underlayment.

    • Once your vinyl plank flooring is installed, you may add matching vinyl moulding and trim to give your floors a clean and polished look, if that is something you would be interested in . Moulding — like quarter round or shoe moulding — can help to conceal gaps between your floorboards and the wall, as well as to protect your walls from being bumped and marked by shoes or furniture. T-moulding, or floor-transition moulding, bridges and conceals expansion gaps between types of flooring of the same thickness.

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